Important Message: Regarding

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Five years ago, the Liason Haven and Beautiful Memoirs was re-opened thanks to some wonderfully generous Liason fans who loved our couple and the website so much they wanted to help get the site back up and running.

If you all remember when I originally opened the site in 2009 I opted to go with paid hosting so that it gave the site full control which means no ads or no restrictions on what could or couldn’t be added to and it lowered the risk of viruses. For years I shouldered that cost but unfortunately I can no longer do that so once again I am asking the Liason fanbase for help to keep open.

It is time to renew the web hosting and our domains which costs $250 for 3 more years. So if you enjoy the Liason clips, fanfic, forum and images then please consider donating to help keep it open. If you want to donate please send to or if you don’t have paypal but would still like to donate then please contact me on twitter (@TxKimmie), Facebook or Kimmie at the Liason Haven @


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