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Personal Quotes

A lot has happened in my life, but I’ve always had GH. It’s given my life stability, and as an actor, that’s hard to come by.
– Publication & Year Unknown

I’ve got a great wife, great kids. I live for them.
– Soaps in Depth (Year Unknown)

I first auditioned for AJ. They obviously didn’t want the gold mullet for AJ, so casting director Mark Teschner didn’t hire me. Then they brought Jason back. At the time, Gerald Hopkins was playing AJ. He’s about 6-feet-1 and I’m 5-feet-10. Mark said, ‘We’re looking for someone similar to Gerald’s height.’ So I went in and put paper towels in my shoes. I made sure I was his height and it was all cool.
– Publication & Year Unknown

If it’s contract stuff, people ask me for advice. I don’t know why that is. I don’t know what their reason is for picking me instead of the guy walking across the lot. I don’t see that I do anything different than a lot of people, so I can’t pinpoint why somebody would ask me. I know I do have a little bit of sense when it comes to money, contracts and negotiating, stuff like that. And if I don’t know an answer, I can get one for you.
– Soap Opera Digest (2007)

I was in shock when I heard. That one caught me really by surprise. I was deeply saddened. People don’t know but Stuart was one of my biggest advocates. He would always say to people when I was Jason Quartermaine, ‘Man, you’ve got to give this kid more to do. You’ve got to help him out.’ He would say that publicly to people like the vice president of Daytime at the time and the writers. I’ve always wanted to pay him back for that somehow. I really appreciate everything he’s done for me. The Quartermaine’s were a big part of my life when I first got on the show. It was a great part of my life, because I had great stuff with Leslie Charleson and Stuart. It just hurts. It’s kind of like a piece of me is…You know, when a good friend like that leaves the show, even though I don’t work with him a lot, there’s still that emotional connection that you have. I get emotional just talking about it. Right now, I try not to think about it until the day he goes. Stuart is a guy that loves to act. That’s what he’s going to miss most…the people and just coming to work. I’ve known the guy for so long and I don’t even know what to say. What can you say? I do want to thank Stuart for being an advocate of mine from day one and for supporting me, not only privately but also publicly to the powers that be. We’ve been through a lot of things in our lives that are similar, and I just really appreciate him being there for me. I thank him for everything he’s done. I love him.
– on Stuart Damon [Alan], recently fired by GH, Soaps in Depth (2007)

It’s been probably one of the best experiences I’ve had at a new job.
-on joining Y&R, Soap Opera Digest (2/18/13)

People are happy for me now, because I’m happy.
-on joining Y&R, Soap Opera Digest (2/18/13)

Quotes From Others

I watch someone like Steve Burton [General Hospital], I’m telling you, does more work without dialogue than any actor in Daytime television. That man with his eyes can say paragraphs. It’s very impressive.
– Peter Bergman, (June 2007)

The most beautiful thing about Steve, is he doesn’t know he is. He blushes when I tell him he’s cute.
– Kimberly McCullough, Publication & Year Unknown

I love Steve Burton. I love that character (Jason). Steve is one of the most amazing young actors I’ve ever seen.
– Robert Guza Jr., Publication & Year Unknown

It’s been amazing to see Steve grow as an actor. It’s been nice working with someone so truthful and deep. He isn’t afraid to take chances.
– Maurice Benard, Publication & Year Unknown

He is such a baby when it comes to all that. Steve is beautiful. He has a beautiful face and he’ll be like, “Okay, I’m really fat right now.
– Rebecca Herbst, Soap Opera Digest (February 18th, 2008)

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