Here are the charities that Steve & Becky are involved in. Donations made in their name are always welcomed and appreciated.

Becky’s Charity

Rebecca is and has been actively involved in The Smile Train charity for the past few years. It is an international charity that specifically focuses on providing free cleft lip and palate surgeries for children in developing countries. It has been around since 1999 and drew the attention of some famous personalities like Candice Bergen, Alex Trebek and Lily Tomlin. Rebecca donates her time and effort into The Smile Train and usually all of her fan event proceeds are given to this charity.

The Smile Train's Offical Website

Steve’s Charity

Over the last several years, Steve Burton has worked closely with Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) to help children and adults in the area of Rukungiri, Uganda. This location is a known as a safe haven for Congonese refugees who have fled their country during wartime. Unfortunately, the increase in population has caused overcrowding and the spread of disease. With the help of The Church at Rocky Peak, Steve Burton and ARM bring education and medical care to those in need. You can visit for more information on Steve Burton’s Rukungiri Project.

Africa Renewal's Offical Website