Q. Are you Steve Burton or Rebecca Herbst?
A. No, we are not Steve Burton or Rebecca Herbst, nor are we affiliated with them or their management.

Q. Are you affiliated with ABC/Disney, SOAPnet, Generall Hospital, CBS or Young & The Restless?
A. No, Stecky.org is not affiliated with ABC/Disney, SOAPnet, GH, CBS or Y&R.

Q. Is this Steve or Becky’s official website?
A. No, Stecky.org is an unoffical fan site for the fans, set up by a fan.

Q. If I send my fan mail to you, will it reach Steve & Becky?
A. No, it will not. we are not responsible for sending any type of mail to them.

Q. What is the address I should use to write to Steve & Becky?
A. You can write to either Steve or Becky at the following address.

Write to:
Rebecca Herbst
Steve Burton
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, California, 90027

Don’t forget that if you live outside the United States, you
must add “USA” under the last line of the address above.

Q. Do you know Steve & Becky personally?
A. No, I do not.

Q. Can I post your pictures on my own site or on other sites?
A. Because Stecky.org does not own any of the pictures then please do not use the picutres on your own site.

Q. Can I use your pictures to make fanart such as banners and icons?
A. Yes you can, as long as you give proper credit.

Q. HELP! I can’t login to the gallery or forum!
A. Please make sure you filled in all the required fields when you registered for your membership. If you still cannot login, feel free to contact us but make sure you include your registered username and valid e-mail address in your message.

Q. Can I help out with the site or co-maintain it?
A. We appreciate offers of assistance, but Stecky.org is not looking for any site helpers or co-webs at the moment.

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